Access Bitmonds with one click thanks to Facebook and Google

Access Bitmonds with one click thanks to Facebook and Google

Today we talk about a new feature that will be introduced on Monday, namely the possibility of accessing Bitmonds portal through a Facebook or Google account.

This feature is part of a broader process of simplification in Bitmonds experience, which began a few days ago with the introduction of Apple Pay and Google Pay payments and which will continue in the coming months with an intervention plan on the Showcase area, to make market more fluid among collectors.

How is it possible to associate a social account with Bitmonds? What happens if the registration emails do not match each other?

These questions will be answered in the following line. Enjoy the reading!

With Facebook and Google access just a click away

If we asked those who use the Bitmonds portal with a smartphone to raise a hand, probably few of us would not raise it.

Social LoginToday we do everything via mobile. We pay for lunch, access public transport, read a book and of course we keep our digital collectibles.

We want to access everything securely, but quickly.
Social logins offer this possibility with a simple click.

Creating a new Bitmonds account via Facebook or Google is very simple and intuitive.

Just click on the blue or red logo and accept the flag on the Privacy Policy. Simple isn’t it?

To generate the first Bitmonds, it will be necessary to indicate the country of belonging directly from the Generator section.

While it is not necessary to do anything else to choose another collector’s Bitmonds from the Showcase.

How to connect an existing Bitmonds account to one of my social networks?

Associating an existing Bitmonds account is also very simple.

Just log in as today with your data and enter My Account section. Inside you will find the Security section, where you can connect or disconnect Bitmonds account with your social networks.

It is not possible to associate an account with both, but you must select only one.

At the next access, just click on the button related to the social that has been associated. That’s all.

What if the email of my social account is different from that of registration on Bitmonds? No problem, this procedure creates an independent link from the email in total security of your privacy. You won’t have to change anything.


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Small bonus 😉 during your login you will notice some new pop-ups that allow you to do some useful actions, such as following our social channels or sharing your referral link via Whatsapp to get free Bitmonds. A “must try” feature!