The best Smartwatch for your Bitmonds

The best Smartwatch for your Bitmonds

In a previous article we described how technology has approached the world of fashion, evolving sales processes, the choice of materials or the fight against counterfeiting.

Up to becoming an integral part of the product, as in the case of Bitmonds interactive digital collectibles, which create the point of contact between the physical and digital world through the infinitesimal thickness of a display.

Wearing a Bitmonds represents the new way to personalize your outfit with a limited edition digital accessory, certified by the Blockchain registration and not falsifiable. In fact, a fake could not be interactive and give access to the portal’s functions.

Choosing which one to wear every day, to show a passion or the mood of the day, becomes as normal as choosing a tie, a pair of shoes, a handbag or simply the cover of your smartphone.

With the advantage of having a truly exclusive accessory. In fact, two Bitmonds characterized by the same graphic characteristics and purity will never exist in the world.

A single product contains all the characteristics that represent the concept of “value” in the world of fashion: exclusivity, authenticity, innovation, personalization.

But which smartwatches allow you to wear your Bitmonds?

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Bitmonds and Apple Watch family

Since they were launched on the market in 2014, Apple’s smartwatches have been the hare to reach for all competitors.

Style and usability have always been a priority for Cupertino designers. The similarity with the lines taken by Oppo Watch are not unnoticed.

It is significant that Apple Watch sells every year more than all the historical Swiss watch industry.

And what about performance? The 3D graphic structure of the Bitmonds places them as a useful tool to test the performance of a smartwatch. In particular we refer to:

  • display brightness
  • fluidity of rotation given by the graphic accelerator
  • loading speed guaranteed by the processor

In this video review, youtuber Victor Kamanga tested Apple Watch 5, using Bitmonds as a benchmark. How did it go? Find out by watching the video.Bitmonds su Apple Watch

It is useless to hide, we are talking about one of the best smartwatches on the market on which you can wear a Bitmonds. In addition, the possibilities of personalization of the physical device seem perfect for creating truly exclusive combinations with Bitmonds worn on the screen.

“Always On” display is perfect for having your Bitmonds visible in ghost mode until the first movement of your arm. Unfortunately, this feature was only introduced with the 5 series.

Talking about our direct tests, Bitmonds are supported from Apple Watch Series 3 onwards, although some customers have written that they were able to wear Bitmonds on the initial series Apple Watch as well. Fantastic.

Based on the financial resources of each one, we can say that each series of this model can be a good solution. The possible problem could be the programmed obsolescence of the software, which often seems to make Cupertino products sick.

While waiting to test new Apple Watch 6 for you, we anticipate that it will certainly be included as a prize in the next Loyalty Program catalog

Android, pay attention to the choice of model

When we talk about Android it is necessary to make some clarifications: smartphone operating system is not smartwatch operating system.

Apps for a wearable device are in this case developed using the Google Wear OS language (previously it was called Android Wear). The market from which these applications can be downloaded is called the Play Store.

Over time, many smartwatch manufacturers have decided to place limits on the freedom of development on their devices, in two ways:

  • introducing a proprietary operating system (often going back frome their decision)
  • eliminating Play Store from their smartwatches

An example of the first case is Samsung, whose smartwatches use Tizen system, on which few developers in the world have decided to work.

An example of the second case is Huawei, which has decided to eliminate Play Store from its GT and GT2 smartwatch models.

These choices, sometimes more political than technical, make some models totally closed to the free development of Apps.

So no Bitmonds? Don’t worry, there are manufacturers who have chosen the path of opening up to the world, installing the Wear OS system with Play Store.

Bitmonds su Fossil Sport WatchA very interesting model is Fossil Sport, the protagonist of this video review, in which Bitmonds are used as a benchmark test.

This is a model launched in 2018, but today represents perhaps the best solution for value for money. It is possible to buy it on the official store for only 149 euros.

The technical equipment is very complete, with GPS, NFC, altimeter and heart rate meter. It is also perhaps one of the most successful from an aesthetic point of view, as the dimensions are similar to those of an analog watch, so it also fits well on the wrist of a female audience. The customizations of the case and strap make it a smart model, perfect for a young audience.

This model is worn by many members of our team.

For those who want a more classic look, there is Ticwatch Pro model. Equipped with a metal case and black Bitmonds su Ticwatch Proleatherette strap. The peculiarity of this smartwatch is the presence of a double screen, which allows to balance the use of the battery according to need, thus achieving record durations. The right model for those who forget to charge the device often.

This smartwatch was also tested for us by youtuber Victor Kamanga. Enjoy his Bitmonds test.

As we have seen, the solutions for wearing Bitmonds are many and will grow in the future. If in the Apple’s world it is easier to find your model, in the Android Wear OS world it is necessary to pay a minimum of attention by following the instructions contained in this article.

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