Bitmonds Self Generation is over. Find out how to buy your first Bitmonds!

Bitmonds Self Generation is over. Find out how to buy your first Bitmonds!

As foreseen by our Roadmap, from 23 September 2022 the Self Generation was closed and it will no longer be possible to create new Bitmonds at the price of 10 €.

If you want to buy your first Bitmonds or complete your collection, you can visit the Marketplace and search among the Bitmonds offered for sale by collectors from all over the world!

Before doing so, we recommend that you take a look at this short Video Tutorial.

With the end of the Self Generation, the final scarcity of the Bitmonds of the Three Official Collections was also outlined:

First Collection: 45199 Bitmonds

Second Collection: 54800 Bitmonds

Third Collection: 64804 Bitmonds

The exclusive Bitmonds Digital Art, created in collaboration with 52 digital artists from the international scene, are a total of 1730 Bitmonds of the Third Collection.

Each Bitmonds is unique and registered on the Polygon blockchain, its name and colors represent a soul that you can discover by following our social networks.

By collecting the models of the Three Official Collections, you can get monthly credits to claim Loyalty Program rewards.

Find out in the Statistics section the features of the rarest Bitmonds.

You can find and interact in 3D mode with all Bitmonds also on Opensea (display only and not yet tradable). We are working to enable within the next few months the possibility of redeeming Bitmonds on a personal wallet and being able to exchange them on any Marketplace enabled on the Polygon network.

We have chosen Polygon for its speed, for its low costs, for its full compatibility with Ethereum’s features and for the fact that it is already a Carbon Neutral Blockchain network today.

By the end of 2022, Polygon is even expected to become a Carbon Positive network.

For us at Bitmonds, the eco-sustainability factor is very important. Starting from the concept of Digital Luxury, as a future alternative to the precious stones market.

In a world where the concept of “value” has now been digitized in many sectors, we believe that even the concept of social exclusivity that wearing a precious stone provides, can over time be accompanied by a new model of exclusivity. Digital.

Are you ready to buy your first Bitmonds?