Customizing our devices: from physical covers to Bitmonds

Customizing our devices: from physical covers to Bitmonds

In a previous article, we talked about the elements that represent value in a collectible: Exclusivity, Authenticity, Innovation and Personalization.

The desire to emerge and differentiate ourselves is part of human nature. Many sectors follow this logic in the creation of their products, in particular those dedicated to Millennials.

It is no coincidence that Stockx portal, dedicated to the sale of limited edition sneakers, has reached one billion dollar turnover in just two years.

In this article we will talk about the customization of those that, more than clothing, have become real extensions of our body, mobile devices.

Recent studies show that the average time spent with a smartphone in hand, is over 3.5 hours a day. Number that reaches 5.7 hours a day for Millennials, perhaps the public most reactive to the concept of exclusivity.

When we are with friends or at work it is now normal to put our devices on the table, perfectly visible to those around us. They are a way to express our personality.

By reading this article you will discover the most exclusive examples of personalization of our devices, from the classic covers to wearable digital collectibles like Bitmonds.

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Cover, from protection to personalizationcase smartphone Drake

Once upon a time a smartphone cover had the sole purpose of protecting an object that was often worth an entire month’s salary.

The mere fact of owning a smartphone represented an element of exclusivity.

Over time, the price of devices has fallen and the covers have changed their role, passing from that of a protective case to that of a personalization element of an object that has become less exclusive.

case smartphone AmosuAll major fashion brands have introduced a proposal to their catalog.

We remember, for example, the particular Gucci cover based on a Disney design, sold at a price of $ 390, followed by the proposals of Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and Chanel, for sale at similar price.

While Louis Vuitton company has gone further, creating a $ 1360 case that allows you to transform your smartphone into a small handbag to wear on the shoulder.

While these figures may seem high to most people, Canadian rapper Drake gave his iPhone a custom case in white gold and blue diamonds worth $ 400,000.

Is it the absolute record? No, that belongs to the Iphone cover of British entrepreneur Alexander Amosu, produced with 18k yellow gold and covered with 6000 diamonds, paid for $ 2.7 million!


New devices, new possibilities: Earphones and Smartwatches

With the arrival of new devices in our lives, even customization market has added products to the catalog.

In particular, Brikk brand, in addition to exclusive smartphone covers, offers a 18k gold version of the famous Air Pods headphones and the Apple Watch strap, for figures between $ 13,000 and $ 75,000.

Remaining on the well-known Apple smartwatch, on company’s official website, some types of protective covers for the screen, produced by OtterBox, are available for a few tens of euros.

Cover SwarovskiFollowing the evolution of smartphone market, Swarovski also wanted to offer its first exclusive version of the same product. As we have readen, physical customization solutions of the various devices are many and for all budget ranges, but there are some considerations that unite them.

What is the real second-hand market for this type of product?

Being used as a protection for very exposed objects, over time it would present an aesthetic degradation that would decrease its value.

If, on the other hand, these covers were left unused, for the purpose of future resale as a collectible, would they have valuable elements useful to create a market? Let us know your answer, we have ours in mind!

Furthermore, very often their usefulness is linked to an object with a high level of obsolescence. Who would buy a gold cover dedicated to a smartphone model launched ten years ago?

Digital as a solution for the future

Recently the customizable elements of our devices have followed the wave of digitization, extending the playing field to the screen.

Many developer kits have been created that allow to easily create digital content, which can be sold for a few euros on dedicated sites.

They are what are normally called screensavers for smartphones and watch faces for smartwatches.

We are certainly talking about a modern customization concept in line with the times, which partly responds to needs no longer covered by physical solutions.

Digital contents do not suffer the degradation of time, even if they are used, and they can usually be moved to a new device, thus remaining immune to the obsolescence of the physical object.

But something is still missing.

Or perhaps it would be fair to say that it is a consumer market, dedicated to the passion of a moment and does not exactly represent a form of collecting.

One of the fundamental elements that characterize every form of collecting is missing: the certification of exclusivity and rarity of an object. Watchfaces are digital content that can be reproduced without limits and without the possibility of certifying an actual scarcity.

This area of ​​the market is now covered by Bitmonds, the first wearable digital collectibles.

Bitmonds, digital personalization meets real exclusivity

Tecnologia e BitmondsWhat exactly are Bitmonds? They are collectibles, but instead of being printed on paper, are digital.

They represent a response to a new market, which asks for content that can be shared on social media and which does not take up space during the continuous movements that characterize our lives.

Visually they appear as 3D colored diamonds, and user can interact with in touch mode via the screen of a device.

Each Bitmonds goes beyond the limited edition concept. When a new one is generated, its characteristics are “burned” forever, so that it is a unique object in the world.

It is characterized by a unique and progressive ID number, a color, a name and purity characteristics of different levels.

Enriching the screen of a smartwatch with a Bitmonds means customization with the highest degree of exclusivity.

To date the most generated model of the First Collection, the Martian Skin, was produced in only 232 pieces in the world.

It is fair to point out that it can never be worn by more than 232 people in the world!

And the Ramen model? A maximum of 73.

Giving a Bitmonds means giving something unique and not replicable, as it is registered on the Blockchain together with owner’s name.

Choosing directly from your Smartwatch which Bitmonds to wear is a way to customize your outfit in a different way every day or tell the mood of the day.

What if you don’t have a smartwatch? Vanilla Rocket has thought of this too.

Collecting Bitmonds allows you to get one, through an innovative Loyalty Program that we saw in this previous article.

If you also believe in the evolution of this market in the future, if you want to express your opinion about Bitmonds, share this article on all social media!



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