What kind of Bitmonds collector are you?

What kind of Bitmonds collector are you?

Quantifying the number of collectors in the world is extremely complicated, as we mentioned in this previous article.

Staying on a classic concept, excluding gamers who buy skins for their virtual character, the number of regular collectors has been estimated at over 75 million people.

In recent months, we have studied the movements within the Showcase, the virtual place where collectors can show their Bitmonds and start exchange negotiations, identifying some very interesting things.

Collecting is a hobby that allows you to stand out through the pieces within your Album.  But also the way in which we immerse ourselves in this passion, has allowed us to distinguish some different types of Bitmonds collectors.

With a bit of irony we decided to share them with you.  In which of these do you recognize yourself? We are curious to know your opinion!

Gold digger

In his collection he aims to have only the highest purity Bitmonds (Colorscale D), with the most precise cut (Crown 1) and generated in the fewest possible pieces (Green rarity level).

Bitmonds Ramen

Every day he visits the Statistics section, from which he directly accesses the Showcase to see if another collector has put up what he calls a “gold nugget”. His ideal Bitmonds is the Ramen model of the First Collection, generated in only 73 pieces in the world.  Better if of maximum purity!

A variant of the Gold Digger is the collector who, within the Statistics section, looks for unique specimens for each level of purity or crown cut (ed. we recommend clicking on a Bitmonds in the Statistics section to better understand this concept).

Serial collector

He won’t stop until reached the only final goal: to have at least one copy of each Bitmonds of all existing collections! An incomplete Album is a view that he cannot accept.

album Bitmonds

He accesses the Showcase directly from the Album, by clicking on an empty box, looking for the missing pieces and proposing exchanges to other collectors.

The typical negotiation is with a Gold digger, with whom he is able to exchange a high purity Bitmonds for several missing pieces of his collection.

A variant is the Investor Collector. He checks the Loyalty Program rewards every 3 months and accurately calculate how much he would obtain in points each month, simply completing a Season or a Collection. He is one of the first to understand the potential of Loyalty Program and that there is no other collectibles’project in the world, physical or digital, that can reward owners. Showcase has become his daily hunting ground, to reach the goal, by getting the best prices during the negotiations.

Emotion hunter

Bitmonds Maranello

He loves to collect only Bitmonds that represent something special for him, a passion that can show every day on his smartwatch or by sharing the url of his My Bitmonds page on social media.

He follows project’s Instagram page, awaiting the presentation of the soul of 3 new Bitmonds every week, to decide if they should be his.

His ideal Bitmonds is Maranello model of the First Collection and he has done everything to have one of the 185 unique generated in the world.

Fashion Addicted

He likes to take care of his outfit, carefully choosing the combination of colors that best represents the mood of his day. He follows the market of sneakers and limited edition t-shirts, finding the natural digital complement in Bitmonds.

Bitmonds Electric

He appreciates being able to always carry his wearable digital collectibles with him while on the move, to change them several times during the day with a simple click.

In some cases he gets to match the band of his smartwatch to the Bitmonds he is wearing that day, to reach chromatic perfection.

Normally he is not interested in the level of purity or cut of the crown, since he knows that each Bitmonds is unique in the world and go over the concept of limited edition of the other wearables on the market.

Even if he sometimes competes with the Gold digger, because if he decides to show a particularly valuable piece, it must absolutely be his! Better if in a very bright color.

His ideal Bitmonds is Electric of the First Collection, generated in only 162 copies in the world.


He is the researcher among Bitmonds collectors. The element that most fascinates him is the uniqueness certified, as well as by the Blockchain, by the assignment of a unique and progressive number during the solemn moment of the generation of a Bitmonds.

Bitmonds Burgundy

Look for pieces that represent something particular with their Number ID, for classical numerology or for some particular person (such as their date of birth).

When the counter approaches numbers that he considers interesting to generate, he is ready to click to generate them, as if he were at the start of a grand prix.

A variant of the Numerologist is the seeker of particular sequences in the generation phase, such as those that are defined as “Gemini” or “Tris”. That is two or three Bitmonds of the same color, which are randomly generated in sequence. Often they are always bought and sold together.


A kind of collector that we have recently noticed, probably born after the release of the Loyalty Program. The Accumulator aims its prey, a certain color of Bitmonds, and wants to have all the copies on the market.

The aim is to dominate the market, redefining a new concept of rarity.

To complete a collection it will be necessary to deal with him! It is a new tactic, but one that could be interesting over time. We will observe it with curiosity.

As we have seen, the types of Bitmonds collectors are many and many others will probably appear over time, allowing us to update this article.

If you recognize yourself in one of these categories or think there are others, let us know by commenting on the post on our Facebook page!