Rewards catalog of Bitmonds Loyalty Program is renewed

Rewards catalog of Bitmonds Loyalty Program is renewed

In a previous article we explained the basics of the Loyalty Program of the Bitmonds project.

How it was a synergistic and fundamental element to complete over time the entire vision we have in mind, shaping the characteristics of the collectible of the future:

  • Digital. Because it must not be falsifiable or take up space during the continuous movements that characterize our lives.
  • Open to the world. No longer an object closed in glass showcases or plasticized albums, for fear of theft or degradation, but a companion of our days, which is shown without fear. To let everyone know about our passions.
  • Smart. It must have a purpose, to provide benefits such as products or services. Advantages for the simple fact of owning it.

In this phase of the project’s life, the Loyalty Program rewards catalog is replaced every 3 months, proposing the best products on the market.

Are you curious to find out what we have planned new for you? Keep reading!

The most innovative collectible offers the most innovative technology

Let’s start from the top of these new proposals: Sony Playstation 5 Blu Ray.

It is difficult to renew a myth. Sony has succeeded. In this latest version it improves the hardware and changes the controller, which now becomes DualSense. And the 4k graphics are awesome.

For all drone enthusiasts, we have replaced the previous model in the catalog, now inserting the new DJI Mavic Mini 2.

A small but very sophisticated Flycam. It weighs like a smartwatch but can fly for 30 minutes, now up to 10km away. The video resolution has been significantly improved over the previous Mini.

We spoiled it in a previous newsletter and now here we are: Apple Watch Series 6 44mm GPS.

The first of the class is renewed, keeping the always-on Retina screen, ideal for the Bitmonds experience. Now with useful new O2 and ECG apps for health monitoring.

We have also decided to renew the offer relating to headphones, introducing the Pro version of the Apple AirPods and the Huawai FreeBuds. In both cases we are talking about the top of the range, small objects but with magic inside them. In both cases, the noise reduction chips have been improved, passing even the most demanding tests and ensuring excellent listening on every occasion.

As a Startup, we always have an eye on the innovative proposals of “our colleagues” and we were fascinated by the FORM Smart Swim Goggles. The future of swimming goggles.

Thanks to a display contained in the right lens, they allow you to monitor times, stroke rate and training performance. Everything is then also available on an app that allows you to evaluate progress and where to improve.

Finally, we decided to propose a very useful object for health, especially in this period in which the stay inside the home is longer than usual: Xiaomi Air Purifier 3h. It is an instrument that detects the quality of the air and intervenes by filtering it as much as necessary to bring it back to safety levels. Ideal for life in a big city.

These are the main innovations introduced with this new version of the Bitmonds Loyalty Program.

No changes regarding Bitmonds gadgets such as the official team hoodie and T-shirt or coupons to get free Bitmonds.

So what are you waiting for to complete a collection or a season to get new credits every month to ask for the products in the catalog?

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